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perfumeThere are a variety of scented plants to fill the house with delicate scents.
Though rarely aware of it, smells great importance in our lives and influence our mood, health, etc..

There is very mild flavor that can only be perceived in close, and more intense that expand throughout the house. The choice depends on personal taste of each.

Here we detail what are the areas of your home where you can place, and what are the ideal plants for each environment:
In the kitchen: herbs is advised because the smell does not interfere while you’re cooking.

In the dining room: If you decorate the table with scented plants, it is best to remove them during meals, for the reason mentioned above.

In the bedroom: It is advisable to remove them at night, as there are very intense fragrances like jasmine or gardenia, which can give a headache, and the smell lingers in the room.

In the rooms of children: They are more appropriate soft scented plants such as lilies or exacum.

Also keep in mind that the scent only exists for the duration of flowering, once the last flowers withered, the scent disappears. And you’ll have to wait until next flowering.

Among the most common are jasmine, lily and gardenia.

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